Hinsdale County Sheriffs 1874-Present


James M. Swinney 1874-1877 - Appointed upon formation of Hinsdale County

Henry Finley 1877-1878

James Hanrahan 1878-1880

*Edward N. Campbell 1880-1882 - Killed in Line of Duty

Clair Smith 1882-1885 - Appointed, served during first trial of Alferd Packer

O. A. Baker 1885-1886

George F. Gardner 1886-1892

Terrance Brennan 1892-1896

D. McCafferty 1896-1897

James W. Deck 1898-1902

A. P. Truesdale 1902-1904

Harry Youmans 1904-1908

William P. Hunt 1908-1909

James W. Deck 1909-1914, Died in Office

Edward H. Graves (D) 1914, Appointed

Ben F. Hunt (R) 1914-1924

Hugh Coburn (D) 1924-1946, Died in Office

M. G. "Shorty" Rexroad (R) 1946-1950


A. P. "Brick" Griffiths-(R) 1952-1954, Resigned

Lloyd M. "Mickey" Pavich 9/7/54-11/8/54

Glen A. Hunt (R) 1954-1955, Killed in car accident

Joseph M. Vickers (R) 1955, Appointed/Resigned

Robert F. Wheeler (R) 1955 - 1956, Appointed/Resigned

Albert Etling (R) 1956-1960, Appointed/Resigned

Robert F. Wheeler (R) 1/11/60-11/13/60, Appointed/Resigned

Maxwell D. Hersinger (R) 1960-1972, Elected

Charles Colopy (R) 1972-1976, Elected/Resigned

Thomas Atkins 1977, Served two weeks - Resigned

James Skinner (R) 1977, Appointed

Burton E. Smith (D) 1977-1990, Elected

L. Franklin Wilcox (R) 1991-1994, Elected/Resigned

**Roger D. Coursey (R) 8/94-11/94, Appointed/Elected, Killed in Line of Duty

Raymond J. Blaum, Jr. (R) 1994-1997, Appointed/Elected/Resigned

William B. Denison (R) 1997- 2007, Appointed/Elected

Ronald D. Bruce (R) 2007 - Present, Elected


*Sheriff Campbell was shot and killed during an attempted home burglary on April 26, 1882.  Betts 

and Browning, killers of Sheriff Campbell ,were lynched by a town mob from the 

Ball Flats bridge on April 27, 1882 at 1:00AM. Sheriff Campbell was the second 

Colorado peace officer killed in the line of duty.


**Sheriff Coursey was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Wilcox in 

August of 1994. He was elected as Sheriff on November 10, 1994.  On 

November 18, 1994, he was shot and killed instantly while stopping two 

suspected bank burglars fleeing from Creede. Their bodies were found a 

month later having committed suicide approximately one-half mile from where 

they shot Sheriff Coursey.