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Lifetime Membership

Our Lifetime Members – providing a LIFETIME OF SUPPORT to the Museum for its operations and projects.  Thank you



John C. Abbott-dec'd, James E. Anthony, Tim & Phoebe Bax, Jane Berryhill, Faye Bielser, Ray & Anna Blaum

Doug Bostwick-dec'd, Patricia Lynn Breene, Edward Breitenbach, Margaret Cummings Brown-dec'd, George Carey-dec'd, M.W. "Web" Carr, Edith M. Cather-dec'd, John Cather-dec'd, S. Coffin, Darrylin Coleman, George Cummings-dec'd, Sally Vickers David, William S. and Alease C. Dawson-dec'd, Wilma Dean, Michael DeHuff, Ed Dicenza, Nick DiLorenzo, Alec DuChene, Terry Finn, Calvin Fisher-dec'd, W.R. Goddard-dec'd, Ken Grantham Jr., Lisa Grantham, Norma Grantham, Alice E. Green-dec'd, David Green-dec'd, Virginia Green-dec'd, John A. Guthrie, Carolyn Hall, Charles Hall, Marian Hall, William C. and Ruthanna M. Hall, William-dec'd, Jack Hanson, Patricia Lynn Harmon, Mary Ellen Hartje, Herman T. Heath-dec'd, Gary Henry, Sandy S. Henry, Carole Hill, Grant Houston, Paul Hudgeons, Larry Iiams, Bob Inge, Jack Johnson, Thomas W. Keffler, Robert V. Ketchum, Stan Kimball, Robert D. Lindner, H. Ward Lay, Joanne Mallet, Lewell and Patsy Martin-dec'd, Clyde McGlothlin, Ken Meredith-dec'd, Dorothy Monnet-dec'd, Charles Monnet, Milo Morse, A. Reynolds Morse-dec'd, Dorothy D. Mulford, Anne Mullin-dec'd, Tom Murphy, James O'Neil, Eileen Olander, John Paulus, Linda Pavich, Michelle Pierce, Bill & Teresa Pippin, Margaret Pitney-dec'd, Howard Price-dec'd, Margaret H. Ray, Ronald L. Ray-dec'd, William H. Reinhardt III, Steve and Suzie Robinson, Donald L. Rodewald-dec'd, James C. Rowe-dec'd, Margaret Rowe-dec'd, Harley & Caryl Rudofsky, James Ryan-dec'd, Art & Susie Sample, Charles & Sadie Seay-dec'd, Dr. Carl & Margaret Seemann-dec'd, Marcella Shafar, Scottie Shafar, J. R. Sholund, Monte Smith, Charles D. Snyder, Fern Stultz-dec'd, Robert Stultz, Celia Swank, Joel Swank-dec'd, Tom Swanson, Charlotte Trego, George Urquhart-dec'd, Lester Vickers, Scott Voss , Francis "Bud" Weems, Pamela Evans Weems, Bill Wiggins-dec'd, Douglas L. Williams, Joanne Williams, John P. Wilson-dec'd, Joe Zimmerman



Robert and Leah Baugh, Scott and Becky Beedy, Bob and Kris Berquist, Mike and Bette Birdsong, David and Ann Brown, Gordon and Mary Sue Brown, David and Kay Cherry, Don and Ursala Craig, Walter Marshall and Priscilla Y. Darley, Michael DeHuff, Michael and Jan Eastman, Joe Foran, Pamela L. and Hector R. Gomez, Greg and Diane Graham, Mr. and Mrs. William Graham, Robert, Danette and Joshua Grauberger, Greg and Diane Graham, Bob Harris and Janis Sudduth, Charles and Christina Hastings, George Hoffman and Lonnie Sweet, Glenn and Susan Heumann, Robert L. (Bob) and Beatrice Huddleston, Morgan Jones and Ronna Reed, Bill and Penny Kastendieck, Deb and John Knoeckel in name of Pete Ready Family, John Longan, Bob and Dana Lozano, Jack and Kathy Moseley, Ed and Mary Nettleton, Larry and Joan Nieman, Dan and Anita Plies, Ted and Kim Powell, Jim and Pat Rhinehart, C. W. Rhodes, Alan and Ann Robson, Chay and Scott Runnels, Susie and Arthur Sample III, F. Howard Smith, Shannon and Connie Smith, Stacy Steinbeck, John Stuemky and James Brand, Bruce and Bev Wagner, Morton and Cecelia Weir, Claire and Jim Woodcock



Hall Realty, Inc., Highlander Campground, K. L. Breeden & Sons LLC, Lake City/Hinsdale County Chamber of Commerce, LKA International, Inc., Lake City Area Medical Center, Lake City Mines, Miners & Merchants Bank, Slumgullion Gift Gallery, WEBCO